13 Tips To Reduce The Glycemic Impact Of Your Meals

13 Tips To Reduce The Glycemic Impact Of Your Meals

Did you know you could lower the glycemic load of your meal using just a few simple methods? Here are some tips (food combinations, alternative food choices and food preparation) to lower the glycemic impact of any meal or snack. 


1. Don’t cook your pasta or rice for too long.

To maintain a moderate level glycemic load, it’s better to cook them al dente (firm). Overcooking pasta, rice and grains will raise the glycemic index. And Italians will kill you (yes, they will!)


2. Start your meal with raw and fresh vegetables.

They are full of fibers which will decrease the global glycemic index of your meal.


3. Always choose whole grain cereals rather than processed cereals.

They are richer in fibers and minerals and have a lower glycemic index.


4. Have a glass of water with some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar just before eating.

It will help to decrease the glycemic lead of the total meal by 25%


5. Choose firm fruits that are not overly ripe.

If the fruit is too ripe, the amount of natural sugars will be higher (and the glycemic index too).


6. If you like sushi, choose sashimi instead.

Thus, you will avoid the high glycemic load of the white rice. Or at least choose whole grain rice.


7. Craving for pizza? Better choose a whole-wheat thin crust.

The fibers of the whole-wheat crust (instead of thick white flour crust) will help to keep the glycemic load not too high. Also, choose the version offering more vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions etc.) and lean proteins (chicken for example).


8. Prefer berries for dessert rather than pineapples or bananas

Berries are low glycemic and higher in both fiber and antioxidants.


9. Don’t forget to eat more legumes (lentils, chickpeas, black beans etc.).

They are full of good nutriments and have a very low glycemic index.


10. If you are hungry between meals, almonds are a healthy snack option

They have a very low Glycemic Index and they have a great satiating effect.


11. If you are craving for chocolate, choose dark chocolate (with at least 70% of cocoa)

It is a better choice than milk chocolate: it is lower in sugar and provides a good source of antioxidants. But one small square is enough!


12. Add Cinnamon into your meal

Taking just 1.5 teaspoons of ground cinnamon with a meal can cut the glycemic load by nearly 30%. And it is soooo delicious with cooked apples!


13. Potatoes, even steamed, have a high glycemic impact.

Try to replace them by sweet potatoes and squashes whenever you can in your recipes.

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