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About Strongly Happy - Welcome To My Healthy Living Blog

About Strongly Happy

Hi there! Welcome to Strongly Happy, a healthy living blog where I share nutritional advice, recipes, workouts and all kind of tips to become healthier, stronger and more importantly happier!

I believe that a healthy lifestyle based on balanced nutrition and fitness can improve all areas of life. For me, eating healthy, cooking delicious meals, working out frequently are the keys to grow confidence and improve self-image leading to wellness and happiness.

Through this blog, I’m here to help you realize that healthy food can be super tasty, stopping eating sugar is doable and that living a healthy and active lifestyle doesn’t have to be a struggle. Day after day, I will help you to adopt the good reflexes to become STRONGLY HAPPY. Don’t forget that daily simple changes can deliver big results to how you look and how you feel!


A little more about myself

I’m 29, from France and currently living in Miami. I grew up in the french countryside, in the middle of nowhere (if you really want to know and you have 5 minutes of your time to lose, it’s located here). Ok, I admit, this is not the trendiest place where to live. But as a kid I was really enjoying the “farming” way of life. We had a vegetable garden and I learned from a very early age how to prepare healthy meals from scratch (I’m definitely mastering french crêpes and apple pie!).

I was raised by a mum who was always following a slimming diet. I think she tried every possible existing diets. Not that she really needed to lose weight but she never accepted her body’s curves (she got 3 kids!). She was always looking to get rid of “these extra 10 pounds” to feel better. I’ve learned from her the very basics of nutrition (reading nutrition labels, composing a balanced meal, eating raw vegetables with no dressing etc.). But I also have imbibed some of her complexes myself (thank you mum!). Even if I’ve always been pretty thin all my life, I’ve never really felt confident in my body. There were always something I wanted to change or improve (mostly cellulite and acne, yep, the absolute joy!).

Although I’m pretty active and I enjoy working out daily (especially fitness and running), I never got the physical results I was expecting. I was constantly frustrated with how I was feeling physically and mentally. And the small voice which wouldn’t shut up:  “Why do I have that much cellulite even though I’m working out everyday?” ‘Why do I have a bloated belly while I’m eating reasonably?” “And why these girls who eat pizzas all day are so skinny?” (yes you began to hate skinny people when you feel insecure about your own body!)

When I went to visit my mum, I randomly found an interesting book in her library. It was about sugar addiction, a 21 days program to detox from sugar. Hum… Sugar Addiction, really? I’ve never really thought about that. But after taking the test, I realized I was definitely an addict (admitting it is the first step to overcome an addiction). I’ve always had a sweet tooth, always finishing my meal with a sugary dessert. And craving for more sugar in the afternoon (after 3pm I could have killed for a muffin or a piece of chocolate). What if Sugar was the key factor ruining all my effort to achieve a healthier and happier me?

I did a lot of researches, reading different studies about sugar addiction and I have to admit that the truth about Sugar Addiction is kind of scary! So I decided to change drastically my diet by avoiding all added sugar and processed foods. I began my Sugar Detox on April 1st 2017.  Now I’ve completely adopted this “no added sugar” way of life. I’m not vegan or paleo. I do eat some dairy here and there (especially cheese, don’t forget that I’m french!). But I transitioned to more whole, unprocessed foods and I fully quitted added sugar. I focus on lean proteins, fruits, veggies, whole grains, dark chocolate, red wine and good fats. Pretty simple: real food, correct portion sizes, occasional treats, and the 80/20 rule.


Visible results in few weeks only
Sugar Detox: Before & After picture 2 months later

It was amazing to see how these small changes quickly made such a big difference on my body. In less than 2 months, I really saw improvements: less cellulite, more energy, less mood swings, better sleep, leaner body. The only bad effect was on my skin: my acne got worst! Apparently, it needs more time to go through the detox process and get clear. I will keep you posted when it gets better!

As a recovering sugarholic, I was really excited to share my new knowledge and help others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Once I realized that screaming “SUGAR IS EVIL” to my friends every time they were eating something sweet was (a bit) annoying, I decided to launch this blog. Now, I’m happy to share my experiences and tips with everybody who is interested in becoming healthier, stronger and happier!

Let’s start a happiness pandemic together, we all deserve to feel amazing!


Important notice

English is not my native language. So, in advance, I want to apologize for any mistakes you will find on this blog. Please, anytime you see an awful-big-blinding mistake, let me know with a comment or an email. I will do my best to correct it ASAP.